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Posted by on Jul 10, 2015 in Legal Services | 0 comments

Court Reporting

The process of court reporting has changed significantly of the past century, as technology has developed and the process has been innovated. Court reporting refers to the process of transcribing or recording speech in the courtroom to produce records and transcripts of official hearings. A person whose occupation is to act as a court reporter is known as a “stenographer.”

Originally, stenographers were trained to type verbatim what attorneys, their witnesses, judges, and others say in a court proceeding. This could be very difficult, requiring the stenographer to type at speeds upwards of 225 words per minute. It required years of training to be able to produce such detailed and accurate transcripts inn this way. Although more high tech means of court recording are preferable, some court proceedings are still recorded in this traditional way. However, the development of computers rather than typewriters or written transcriptions had eased the difficulty of these transcriptions.

Digital technology has revolutionized this service. Court reporting companies now use video and voice recordings to provide accurate, real time transcripts of court proceedings. Advanced technology seeks to accomplish the same goal: to precisely record what is said by lawyers, witnesses, judges, and others verbatim. However, voice writers and videographers now no longer have to depend on their own ears to hear everything that is said. Digital audio can allow isolated playback of channels during transcription, so that the stenographer my listen to multiple voices at once. These digital recording methods are now widely used throughout courtrooms and administrative agencies throughout the Unites States.

The process of course recording has changed dramatically as technology has developed to ease the difficulty of this practice. It is still required that anyone in the career undergoes proper training and receive a license to be a Certified Court Reporter (CCR).

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